SMA webinars for physiotherapists - outcome

SMA webinars for physiotherapists - outcome

In the spring of 2023, SMA Ireland took a significant step toward enhancing the care and support available to individuals with SMA. We organised the inaugural SMA Masterclass at the prestigious University Medical Centre (UMC) Utrecht. Led by Dr. Bart Bartels, Assistant Professor Clinical Head Health Sciences, this course aimed to empower clinicians with specialised knowledge and practical insights into SMA care.

Following the Utrecht Masterclass, the Irish physiotherapists who attended the program took the lead in sharing their newfound expertise. This took the form of two webinars, facilitated by the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists. These webinars were aimed at professionals and offered valuable insights and learning about the latest clinical research and therapeutic interventions for children with SMA.

The webinar series covered a wide spectrum of topics critical to SMA care. These included:

1. Classification: Exploring both traditional and evolving classification methods for SMA.
2. Medical Interventions: Understanding the current landscape of medical interventions.
3. Therapeutic Outcome Measures: Examining how to measure the effectiveness of therapies.
4. Orthopaedic Management: Insights into joint and spinal management.
5. Posture and Positioning: The importance of posture and positioning in enhancing function.
6. Therapeutic Exercises: Strategies for therapeutic exercise treatments.

The webinars were enriched with real case studies, providing practical context for the information shared.

A Resounding Success

The response to these webinars was truly inspiring. A total of 260 clinicians from the fields of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy registered, the maximum capacity for such a virtual platform. Across the two webinars, approximately 200 eager attendees joined, each seeking to deepen their knowledge of SMA and its medical and therapeutic interventions for children. For those that could not attend in person, a recording of the presentations was made available.

The webinars went beyond just information exchange; they underscored the crucial role of newborn screening and early detection in SMA care. Attendees left with a greater depth of understanding about SMA and the evolving landscape of medical and therapeutic interventions.

At SMA Ireland, we are deeply committed to advancing SMA care in every way possible. These initiatives represent our ongoing dedication to fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among clinicians and healthcare professionals. By working together, we can continue to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by SMA.

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